Plug Een Records Getting Ready For Summer 2019

Plug Een Records based in the Sandy Point community is getting ready for summer 2019.  Producer Colcie Burt aka Swagga is excited about his team and is working hard in the studio to showcase new artists this year from across the island.

Jay Cole is an artist at Plug Een Records and has shown tremendous potential releasing his debut track entitled "Lifee".  Click the link below to listen:

Producer Swagga is also excited about a female artist by the name of Lady K. Remember the name as she continues to prepare for summer 2k19.  Also, look out for General and Soulja to follow up their hit single "Fear No Man" produced by IVM records. 

Check the crowd reaction at the 1:18 mark when Street Vybz featured the  Soulja and General's "Fear No Man" Dub at Knockshore Night Clash 2018: 

More artists to be revealed soon so stay tuned in to their youtube page "Plug Een Records".